Start With Your Very
Own Workspaces

EOfactory offers multiple workspaces to create projects and organise your imagery data. Define the data sources and start your journey to extract information from multiple data sources in one environment.

No Data? No Problem!

EOfactory has a diverse range of data available to connect with, including Satellite, aerial and drone imagery. They are all connected using private and secure API keys. You can now run analytics models from any data of your choice!

Build Your Own ML
Models, No Coding Required

EOfactory allows you to build your own models through Interactive AI tools which harnesses the power of machine learning to help you create the best EO machine learning models.

Creating Models
Just For You

If you need to create a new model for any application, our feedback form would directly link to our Machine Learning experts who will help you create custom models of your choice.

Leave The Processing To Us

EOfactory allows for preparation of analysis ready data with ease using our ARD toolkit. Our ARD functions allow for Cloud Patching, Haze Removal, Mosaicking, Stacking, Downsampling and Image Alignment.

Get automatic image processing, normalization and correction on your EO data, so as to not spend time worrying about processing, but getting the best quality results through AI/ML.

EOfactory, The Earth
Observation Community.

EOfactory is the go to community platform of remote sensing scientists and users. Share knowledge and generate results, integrating it with your very own custom dashboards, based on an open data model. EOfactory, bringing AI to you.