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Choosing the right data for you

Upload your own data.

EOfactory provides you with the option of uploading your own images and orthomosaics, be it satellite data, aerial data or drone data. Have the freedom of collecting and uploading data and let our AI handle the rest Choosing the right data for you

Let us collect data for you.

Access free satellite data from sentinel-I and sentinel-2 to visualise your area of interest you would want to identify object with

Our digital image
processing software

SSIP powered by PCI GXL has an extensive background technology in the earth observation space to provide large area image processing, increasing efficiency and productivity for land related basemap creation.
  • Orthorectification
  • Automatic DEM extraction
  • Automatic tie point collection
  • Automatic GCP collection
  • Mosaic Generation
  • Reprojection
  • True Ortho

Our Analysis ready data

Analyse ready time series imagery prepared for users to analyze without pre-processing yourself.
Receive geometric alignment, radiometric correction and normalised data.

Value proposition

Data prepared
for consistent and reliable
multi-temporal analysis

Meets the geometric
and radiometric standards
for the Open Data Cube (ODC)

Prepare data for optimal
model training and prediction
(deep learning, machine learning)

Shifting the emphasis
from image preprocessing
to information extraction / generation

Our Pre Trained Models

Use our pre trained models to detect features, and train our models to detect features on a large scale.

Build your own models
Our interactive AI

Our interactive AI platform allows you build and train your custom models from our existing model. Highlight the objects that you would like to detect, and train this model. Our interactive AI platform would allow you to train and test the models you want, allowing for scalable object detection.

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