EOfactory.ai Scales Up Its Capabilities With CATALYST Microservices

EOfactory scales up to provide geospatial users nearly limitless image processing capabilities using CATALYST Microservices Platform. Singapore-based company EOfactory.ai is an online platform where clients access, process, and extract actionable information from diverse remote sensing data sets. Since then, the Singapore firm has emerged as the world’s ‘go-to’ online production…
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Billions Of Dollars Spent Each Year To Negate The Effects Of Coastal Erosion Globally: Here Is How Remote-Sensing Analytics Can Help Reduce The Impact Of Coastal Erosion And Prevent Damages

Let it be due to climate change or natural phenomena; coastal erosion is eating up the land slowly, which can reduce the landmass for the next generation. At Skymap Global, we use AI & ML to detect the coastal erosion, here is a case study for the Thai coast where…
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Land use land cover mapping with EOfactory.ai

Although the terms “land usage” and “land cover” are frequently used interchangeably, each term has a distinct definition. The term “land cover” describes the material that covers the surface of the ground, such as vegetation, urban infrastructure, water, bare soil, etc. Land cover identification creates the baseline data for tasks…
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Farmer’s Welfare to Ensure Food Security: Adapting Technology to Build a Sustainable Support System for the Farmers

“How can we do our collective part for the farmer’s welfare by fine-tuning technology and bringing the benefits in real-time to each and every farmer?” The industry must collectively work towards helping improve the benefits to the farmer from multiple domains. These domains are expanding with the usage of drones,…
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