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The insights your team needs to
effectively manage infrastucture assets

Get all parts of the infrastructure workflow covered on a single platform


Create fast digital maps

Digitalize urban assets for feasibility studies, entailing sufficient urbanisation and sustainability.


Remotely monitor

Monitor assets and project progress anywhere using our powerful 2D and 3D change-detection models.


Track Urbanisation

Track real-time progress insights of green cover, urban sprawl, city changes and other environmental changes.

Monitor your city from the tip of your fingers

EOfactory’s technologies enable companies to monitor structures and make better decisions, faster.

Feature extraction and imagery output for a project

102,946km² in size

was able to be completed in less than 2 months.

AI/ML-powered feature extraction

Create fast digital maps

2D and 3D change detection

Visualise your data

A fully-featured modeling environment

EOfactory combines data, analysis and visualisation into one solution, making it possible for our clients to monitor sustainable practices across their AOIs.

“The best solution to observe the current land mass in rural areas that tend to face issues regarding cloud cover and data availability. With these solutions, we were able to complete our pre-survey location analysis in less than 2 months.”

Robert Purwanto, COO at PT Infrastruktur Bisnis Sejahtera

Find out how EOfactory can help you adopt sustainable solutions, and create positive economic and social impact, for your city.

We are one of the world’s leading earth observation analytics companies on a mission to help you leverage data for all your business and sustainability needs. By combining multiple sets of data, we can employ AI/ML technologies to make better sense of your AOI.