Optimise industry operations
across the entire mining life
cycle with geospatial data.

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The insights your team needs to
enhance mining operations

Get all parts of the mining life cycle covered on a single platform

Exploration & Planning

Fast surveying for digital collection

Survey urban assets for feasibility studies, entailing sufficient urbanisation and sustainability.


Remotely monitor

Monitor assets and project progress anywhere using our powerful 2D and 3D change-detection models.


Track rehabilitation

Track real-time progress insights of green cover, urban sprawl, city changes and other environmental changes.

Let us extract the information that you need

Environmental Change Detection

Extract green cover and monitor the changes to wildlife and nature for more sustainable mining activities.

Progress Tracking

Our time-series analysis allows you to visualise and automatically highlight changes.

Volumetric Analysis

Measure stockpile volumes and manage inventory across all sites. Generate point cloud, DEMs and 3D models to have accurate volume calculations.

Boundary Survey

Establishing the boundaries of your properties, ensuring that you have proof of land ownership to prevent boundary disputes.

Monitor mining operations at the tip of your fingers

We are eager to help maximise your ability to make new discoveries and build a better understanding of physical risk across your mine site.

Automatic and accurate large area change detection can be done within

3 seconds

allowing you to create quick and actionable decisions.

Hi-res remote surveillence

Environmental change detection

Daily/monthly change display

Visualise your data

Identify where to enhance mine safety in one dashboard

Leverage the EOfactory platform to enhance operations throughout the mining life cycle with global-scale satellite imagery combined with AI/ML-powered analysis.

Turn responsible values into sustainable outcomes

We at EOfactory take the effects of deforestation and climate change very seriously. That is why we want to help businesses make better decisions: so that we generate more sustainable practices.