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EOfactory training programs

Embark on a detailed combined training programs, covering a variety EOfactory Platforms and Applications through our educational partner AGSRT, with possibility of securing an internship.

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Change Detection

A machine learning-powered solution to understand changes between two different time periods.

Make science-based business decisions with our accurate results.

Green Cover Change Detection

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Our Process

Data Input

EOFactory allows access to imagery from multiple sources. Upload your own data, search for available data or buy satellite imagery through our EOF ImageShop.

Data Preparation

EOfactory converts your satellite image pixels into highly accurate measurements to your analysis needs. Save time and cost in processing to generate analysis-ready data.

Data Storage

Store and manage your data on EOF-Rolodex. Easily filter through data and get time-series analysis results.

InSight Studio Dashboard

Develop custom UI/UX with our AI-powered drag-and-drop studio and create intuitive GIS dashboards for your needs.

Custom Plans

Discovery-Analysis-Visualisation Platform

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Join us in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for a brighter future. We welcome everyone, from enterprises to academia, to leverage the power of our tools to enact positive change on this Earth.

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Accuracy is the core of our business so you could be rest assured that we take it seriously.


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