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Crop Area Production Estimate

Use satellite image classification techniques to map the spatial extent of crops.

Land Use/Land Cover Mapping

Using high-resolution satellite images, map land use and land cover from Level 1 to Level 111 classification.

Baseline Land Mapping

Use GIS techniques combined with criteria-based models to map the psysiography of a region.

Crop Classification

The information gathered could be used for crop monitoring and crop growth over seasons.

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Become a part of our ecosystem and help farmers against risk

Work with EOfactory and create empowering solutions for farmers.

1 in 9 People

do not have access
to enough food.

Thats almost 821 million people in the world.

At EOfactory, we aim to make an impact by marrying geospatial analytics with human determination to crate sustainable solutions for our planet Earth. By protecting our farmers and providing them with accessible, reliable insights, we help prevent huge humanitarian and economic losses.

Case Study

Securing Crop Insurance with Bajaj Allianz

“With the help of EOfactory, we verified and established a correlation between the field conditions and various indices for loss assessment on an individual field basis. The initial results were quite encouraging and are expected to be very helpful in bringing a scientifc approach to crop loss assessment.”

Ashish Agarwal
President and Head of Agribusiness
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance