To be the world’s leading platform for
the production and distribution of
earth observation INSIGHTS

To help enterprises worldwide harness earth observation data to achieve their sustainability implementation and
reporting goals by offering an AI-driven platform that connects Governments, students, Engineers, Scientist and Businesses

Image By Planet.

Uniting scientific analysis
with human determination

Established in 2020 by a team of scientists from Singapore, EOfactory was founded on the belief that no-one should be deprived of insight. Because of this, we have made it our mission to bring in the latest geospatial technology framework, repackaged in a way that is accessible for everyone to use. We believe that a lot of good can come out of understanding our planet using geospatial analytics: from early-detection information systems to conservation strategies.

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Our Vision

To be the world’s leading platform for the production and distribution of Earth intelligence.

Geospatial analytics is the key to understanding some of the world’s most critical issues, including climate change, sustainability and food security.

Our vision is a world where geospatial data could be analysed and understood by everyone. As a geospatial intelligence company, EOfactory aims to empower its users with scientific analysis of our observable Earth. Our customisable SaaS platform makes it possible for leaders of change to focus on creating action-plans for a more resilient future for us all.